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 Καλά ψώνια!!!
The way you dress affects how others view you. We all have times that we want to feel comfortable but we also have times that we want to feel sexy and good looking. When choosing a dress, take note of the kind of fabric, design, cut, and color that the garment has. 
Parties, gatherings, graduation ceremonies, and romantic, candlelit dinner dates all have something in common: they are special occasions that require a particular dress code. And sometimes we all want to feel sexy in our dress. 
For afternoon parties to be held in a garden, or any place that suggests elegance and serenity, you can wear chiffon, satin, or cotton dresses as long as they are lightweight, so that you can move around with ease. 
If it is an evening cocktail party, this is the moment when wearing vivid colors, psychedelic prints, and geometric patterns are stylish, sexy, and even sophisticated and you can experiment with color blocking.
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Today's outfit post is about a casual outfit of mine, one of those you're used to see me wearing. I'm totally feeling myself in a loose pair of jeans, a cute top, new sandals (I'm in love!) and the all time classic transparent Hermès Kelly bag (won in an auction). Can't wait for your comments! -Irene
I was wearing:
zara boyfriend/ sandals/ hat
oysho top 
hermès kelly bag
tally weijl shades


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